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Gary Yamamoto

Yamasenko 5" GARY YAMAMOTO

Yamasenko 5" GARY YAMAMOTO

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Who doesn't know Gary's Senko?

The favorite of many anglers, including myself. Thanks to a subtle action like the most and a great effectiveness , it is a vinyl that allows a wide range of uses and assemblies. A simple and easy to handle lure that never fails.


Perfect for spinning black bass, pike, zander or any freshwater predator that we want to tempt with it.

The design of the senko and its beginnings

The design of the senko was born from a fountain pen or office ballpoint pen. Its inventor, Gary Yamamoto, wanted to make a lure capable of fishing anywhere, imitating the silhouette of a grass fish or a worm, the Bass's two favorite prey. Although he never imagined the success he would have.

Gary Yamamoto in fishing competition

Tips for use and assembly

It is a very versatile lure that allows you to use it without sinking, or texas, wacky, carolina... it is a true all-rounder . Throw it into any area of ​​concern and allow it to descend into the depths. Nothing else. You will notice that famous "TOK" with the most active fish. In more complicated moments the bites are softer where our friends the green devils tend to vacuum and take their prey to taste it away from the eyes of others.

A very common mistake when it comes to dunking is getting full of desire and giving the typical slap hard and too soon. Maybe this may sound very simple but not even the best professionals are free from making these mistakes.

The solution is very easy, to make a perfect hook, count to three no more, and make a progressive and constant movement pulling the rod back... we just have to think that both the inventor of this lure and most professionals use this system to nail, thus achieving better results... if they do it... open to imitating it, right?

senko gary yamamotos various mounts

Whether it's wacky, falling, drop shot or however you want to use it, we must remember that there is no other imitation more versatile or more "working" than a senko when the lure is stationary, immobile almost doing nothing.

Weight: 11.60gr

Size/ length:

100mm _
Units per Blister: 10 units


In my backpacks there is always a lure that I resort to more times. A wild card , or for me, the perfect ball remover, which I reach for when things get complicated. The great, the unequaled, the devastating SENKO by GARY YAMAMOTO . This one and not another, there are many brands but it will be due to trust or it will be due to well-done details that for me this is the most effective. It is always mounted on a rod, when you know there is a fish and it doesn't fit anything, let it drop one of these wonders and as with a magnet, you will see that an almost immobile Senko, nothing resists him.

You can return your product if you are not satisfied with your purchase of Yamasenko by Gary Yamamoto. For any questions or details you need when buying the Yamamoto Senko , tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures
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Edgar Cerro
Se lo yamamoto

El señuelo es muy bueno, suele atraer muchas picadas, lo malo es que con una o dos buenas mordidas se parte.