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UltraVibe Speed Craw ZOOM

UltraVibe Speed Craw ZOOM

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The most famous of vinyl crabs

Do you know those loves that last for years? Bass has been loving this crab for more than 40 years, for a reason. Possibly the most widely used vinyl crab in the world and one of the most effective lures for black bass fishing.

If you see someone heading to a fishing store and ask them. He will tell you that he is going to buy crabs from buy the Ultravive Speed ​​Craw from ZOOM for sure.

ultravive speed crawl zoom

Speed ​​Craw ZOOM

We are talking about a crab with a robust body and ultra-vibrating claws that captures the attention of black bass and other predators as soon as it touches the water.

The UV Speed ​​Craw is a plastic crab with two “Sickle” claws, a conical body and small legs. When we use this crab, either mounted on a texas or with a jig or in whatever way we like, it goes deep and its claws make a very oscillating movement, emitting a lot of turbulence , moving a large amount of water compared to other crabs.

It has been, is and will be an inspiration to other manufacturers due to its effectiveness, but the truth is that it is difficult to imitate something that is so well done. Either slowly along the bottom for it to crawl or in small jumps, this vinyl for black bass has given and will continue to give very good catches.

In short , one of the best cheap fishing lures on the market.

Zoom Lures

We all know Zoom lures, vinyls designed for black bass and that stand out in an outstanding way. In addition to being effective, Zoom vinyls are cheap, which is why they have become a common choice among anglers around the world.

Movement in the water:

I will always remember a day in May with my great friend Alfredo. We were fishing in a well-known reservoir since 8:00 a.m. punctual as clockwork. After all day throwing everything into the water we couldn't get hold of anything, not even a sad bite.

At lunchtime we headed towards the car defeated this time by some fish that did not want to know anything about us and with resignation we began to eat, because that is fishing.

When we ate the sandwich, right there in the back seat my partner had a bag of Zoom Speed ​​Craw . He said this is going to be... as we always say and we headed for the water again with more determination than strength.

But this time it was real, magic arose thanks to this lure that we hadn't taken with us that day. It was an unforgettable afternoon in which once we mounted the Zoom crab on the rod, it never came out of it. He started with 2 bases in a row one after the other and that's when he arrived... "let me have one of those little crabs and I'll try it"....PUMM at the first cast dragging it slowly along the bottom, noticing each element on the ground, like this It was how we got more than 30 captures in a day that did not look good.

Since then I always carry a bag of ULTRAVIVE SPEED CRAW with me in case things turn ugly.

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