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Trick Worm ZOOM

Trick Worm ZOOM

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Trick Worm Zoom

Do you know those things that have been the same all your life? A good example would be a BIC pen. Without changing anything from its initial model, it continues to sell like the first day. Well, the Zoom Trick Worm is one of those things. One of the best-selling worms worldwide for its functionality and effectiveness in fishing action. If we talk about a really good quality/price worm, we are talking about the ZOOM Trick Worm an elongated, slender-bodied Zoom house worm for freshwater predator fishing.

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At Will's you have the best models of this famous Zoom vinyl. A brand known for its simplicity and effectiveness in each product.

Zoom Trick Worms

Many other brands drink from this worm and have drunk in the development of their products , serving as a source of inspiration for others . Although everything must be said, it is difficult to imitate Zoom in terms of vinyl development.

The Trick Worm was the original floating worm, lethal by contracting and moving without plumbing and being very effective for shallow bases, but in recent years it has become the gold standard for much more. The "pros" who know the most about this have realized that its straight and slim profile is perfect for many rigs and when the fish have seen all the other lures underwater a different presentation may be the key. With its subtle approach and wide range of color options, there's a Trick Worm for every situation.

Brand: ZOOM
Weight: 6.20 grams

Size/ length:

171mm _
Units per blister:
20 units

You have 15 days to return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Trick Worm ZOOM. For any questions or details you need when buying Trick Worm from ZOOM , tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures
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