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Swing Impact Fat 4.8" KEITECH

Swing Impact Fat 4.8" KEITECH

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Swing Impact KEITECH

Buy Swing Impact from KEITECH

The Swing Impact has a light, elegant and subtle tail, which vibrates during high-speed recovery, thus drawing the attention of predators within its very wide range of action. The swimming technique enhances the characteristics of the lure, which lends itself perfectly to linear and uninterrupted retrieves.

This is a very versatile lure that can be mounted with a Jig Head, a Texas, Carolina, Down Shot, Neko Rig or as a jig trailer... as you like.

It is advisable to recover it without interruptions or without giving it excessive sudden movements through the rod.

Use it as if it were a spinnerbait and you will get great surprises!

swing impact keitech

-Details and characteristics of the Swing Impact

tail swing impact

The design of the tail has been designed to prevent it from rising during high-speed retrieves, losing layout and continuity of movement. At any speed with which it is retrieved, it can be ensured that it will always be a lure with one of the best swimming on the market.

swing impact
body section
A : The front section of the body, near the head, is slightly flattened.
B : The rear section of the body, near the tail, is flattened vertically. This particular one has been designed so that it has a total balance, allowing the tail to oscillate widely.

Swing Impact Keitech

hidden hook
Considering its use in Texas, the 4” Swing Impact has two subtle grooves, one on the back and one on the belly, for greater comfort when hiding the point of the hook between the rings.

imapct swing sizes


Mounts with Swing Impact Keitech

-Mount with Jig Head

Swing Impact Jig Head

This assembly becomes highly versatile in many of the situations in which it can be recovered slowly and regularly at midwater, describing a trajectory in the shape of a "sawtooth" , as well as through a long repetitive vertical recovery, plummeting to the bottom, to rise again a few centimeters and fall again. Its tail begins to vibrate as soon as it comes into contact with the water, something that many times causes the mouth by reaction .

-Mount as trailer on Rubber Jig

Swing Impact Rubber Jig

The tail will increase the sinuous action of the jig's skirts, making this combo much more attractive.

- Shaky mount

Swing Ipact al Shaky

Very effective when we want an extra weight that helps our swim bait to work the desired layer of water


In any of its versions and in any of its assemblies we are facing one of the most famous vinyls from the prestigious KEITECH house for a reason, right? When it comes to talking about shad-type vinyl, I have no doubt that Swing Impact is one of my favorites if not the most, without forgetting that peculiar essence with the smell of squid, which will be my thing but I think it attracts Black Bass in a shameless way You won't like the smell...but you're not a Bass, so that doesn't matter... . The Keitech Swing Impact is a highly effective competition winner for black bass fishing.

Weight: 4.6 gr

Size/ length:

100mm _
Units per blister:
8 units

You have 15 days to return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Siwng Impact KEITECH. For any questions or details you need when buying Sing Impact 4" from KEITECH, tell us and we will help you without any by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best offers on lures
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