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Swimming Jig Head 1/8oz DEPS

Swimming Jig Head 1/8oz DEPS

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Deathadder 5" DEPS


An incomparable semi-living creature.
The Deathadder series has built an incredible reputation over the years, becoming a new benchmark in the soft bait scene.
Their continued effectiveness when it comes to achieving large bases both in the hands of professionals and other users, make them headlines in any body of water.
With the DEPS Deathadder we have a vinyl creature with a very natural body that, added to the very subtle vibrations emitted by its tail, form an irresistible attraction for the bass, which gobbles up the Deathadder without hesitation.
The Deathadder is universally considered a new standard in its series for its effectiveness and versatility . It can be rigged with any system, No-Sinker, Texas, Jig Head, Down Shot, but also with more extravagant rigs, such as the wacky rig, back slide rig, and as a trailer for spinerbaits and chatterbaits.
Deathadder 5" DEPS
Mount the horizontal DEATHADDER without plumbing and...
unplumbed deathadder
Used with an unweighted rig and an offset type hook, the Deathadder takes advantage of the water pressure to drop in an incredibly natural way, and by this same principle, it reacts to any pull produced on the line, giving an impulse towards the deeper layer. high truly royal and one of a kind.
Mounting it on a Jig Head or a Rubber Jig, the body of the lure reacts to the push of the water during each demand, in case it is retrieved by making small jumps on the bottom.
Mount the vertical DEATHADDER without plumbing and...
Used with an unweighted vertical assembly, the Deathadder acts with a particular zigzagging fall towards the bottom, while when used mounted on a Jig Head, on a Rubber Jig or as a spinnerbait trailer, it moves reproducing in a very natural way the movement of a grass fish.
In the vertical assembly, using offset hooks, to improve the anti-algae effectiveness of the Deathadder and to increase the percentage of correct hooking, we have designed this exclusive socket, which accommodates and hides the point of the hook.
🔽🔽Have you ever considered using it like in the video?🔽🔽
"The truth is that it is a lure that I have special affection for...they told me that with this lure mounted as a trailer for a Rubber Jig, a bass of more than 7 kilos was caught. And despite not being able to confirm it at the time, Not having found much information about it, I started putting it together for nonsense and just in case. I started using it more frequently than usual and little by little it became a vinyl that I don't hesitate to play when the matter requires finesse ...I could tell you about countless captures with this all-terrain vehicle that has given me so many great joys"
Weight: 9 grams

Size/ length:

125mm _
Units per blister:
8 units

You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of the Deathadder 5" from DEPS. For any questions or details you need when buying Deathadder DEPS, tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are Looking forward to talking to you. We have the best deals on lures.
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