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Spiralminnow DEPS

Spiralminnow DEPS

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DEPS Spiralminnow

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The Spiralminnow, a noisy prop with the appearance of a minnow

If you want to attract attention throughout the surface and attract the most active bases, this is your lure. The Spiral minnow quickly patrols surfaces and deeper water, but at the same time makes a very attractive wake bait. It is a noisy lure and it makes a scandal wherever it goes.

Spiralminnow Deps

The action of the rotary movement constantly shows the undulating flanks of the propeller, which in addition to causing splashes of water and flashes of light , generates a metallic sound and causes powerful waves, demanding attention, as if a school of appetizing bleak or fish were passing through. grass.

Spiral Minnow details

In addition, the design with three jigs drastically reduces unsuccessful hole situations. If they attack the Spiral they are already yours . You will feel for yourself the excitement of fishing with this lure from long casts to the most ferocious bites of the hungriest bases.

With its characteristic movement and its distinctive rattle , it will attract predators from very long distances.

Spiralminnow drawing by Deps

The tracking ability and attractive silhouette of the Spiral Minnow closes the distance to the prey from the start, even in unfavorable conditions, providing a walk, in the exact place to face the big bass directly.

Spiralminnow a brutal surface propellers


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