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Silent Killer 175 DEPS

Silent Killer 175 DEPS

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Slide Swimmer DEPS

Buying Slide Swimmer 175 from Deps is your best option for fishing with a large Hard Swimbait.

Soft sound, weak wave, elegance, subtlety, naturalness...
The ultimate brutal predator lure is called the "Slide Swimmer" and has been created from a completely new concept. Weak wave and soft sound concept , which is different from all known big lures so far.

Covered in a sublimated " ABS Resin Hollow Core " body material and lifelike soft shell, this great lure has its own mellow sound and smooth vibration, and a highly realistic, truly realistic texture.
It imitates grass fish and fish giving their last kicks, which have been damaged and weakened, really well. Your actions with the rod will be reflected in this hard Swimbait at the moment with contractions and jerks that will attract the attention of the hungriest and largest predators. It has a high rate of captures in "the stop", which causes the hole at that precise moment.

Call the largest monsters with a silent but highly effective taunt.

- Details and features of the DEPS Slide Swimmer 175:

new soft coating

New DEPS Slide Swimmer

The " New Slide Swimmer 175 ", has a NEW soft shell-like outer skin equipped with the protective fins originally designed for the 250 model now included on the 175.
This soft layer creates a stable action that does not disturb the balance, even in fast recovery, and also plays an additional enhancing role.

The fin acts as a bumper and mimics real fins, while reducing hook entanglement with the body and line.
It also increases the percentage of successful hooks by controlling the movement of the hook when retrieving.

ABS core body

ABS hollow core body , allows you to set a light color and install a spring-loaded micro-vibration system.

spring weight system

The spring-loaded weight system mounted on the head part creates a micro-vibration when the weight is shaken, and induces the bite , from the sound of the blow when it hits the inner wall at the moment of the pull.

insert plate

The insert plate integrated into the ABS central body is a model that attracts with a quick reflex through the shell . The spring weight system is not installed, but the front body is equipped with a Φ10mm steel ball. that vibrates with movement.

Joint Action

The damping effect of the soft shell, protruding from the front center body, not only suppresses the noise generated by joint collision, but also creates a live wave by the secondary action generated by elastically pushing the rear body module back .

Water flow through the conduit

The conduit provided between the central body and the soft cover takes the flow of water inside the body at the time of recovery, and discharges it at the joint part. This together with its soft cover creates an incredible sensation of unique life , perhaps for this reason it is so effective.

Quality in the jigs

The hooks or jigs have been carefully selected , knowing full well the kind of monster fish that generally attack this lure, they are not only resistant, but also have exceptional penetration and an extremely smooth surface treatment.

The tinned finish, close to the protective color of the abdomen of the grass fish, camouflages the presence of hooks for an even more natural presentation.


Straight or linear recovery

Realistic meandering action , swimming like a slimy body, shown by straight linear retrieve, very realistically reproduces the trusting and helpless swimming grassfish , and also the dying one, which is damaged and weakened. This action stimulates eating habits, and therefore, triggers aggression and induces ambushing.

In this recovery it affects both the speed of collection and the angle of the rod, this being very important to get even more catches.

I love the brutal bites that this lure allows you to feel. The feeling that after several casts suddenly emerges from the bottom a shadow that is ready like the most ferocious predator to tear the rod from your hands and attacks the lure with force, there is no similar feeling. If we want to fish with a great quality lure, the Slide Swimmer 175 from Deps is our choice.

Weight: 73.71g 2'7oz

Size/ length:

175mm _
slow sinking
Guy: silent

Deformation or cracks may occur due to expansion of the air chamber, caused by the difference in outside air temperature when it is placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight, in a car, or in a high-temperature place such as a tackle box while fishing. Take special care when the temperature rises during the summer, so be careful when storing it. Please note that we cannot guarantee damage if care is not taken.

・ Please store it in the case so that it does not become deformed.
・Do not store with other hard or soft lures, as it may cause deformation, discoloration, melting, etc.
・ After use, dry it before storing it.

-A drain hole is set to drain water in the tail part. After use, drain any water that has accumulated inside before storing.

Hard Floating Swimbait

You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Slide Swimmer 175 Deps. For any questions or details you need when buying the DEPS Swimbait Duro Slide Swimmer , tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures

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