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SHIMANO Vanford Reel

  • Model 2500:
Guy: spinning
Weight : 180gr
Bearings: 7+1
Ability: 0.25 - 160m
brake power: 9kg

  • 4000XG model:
Guy: spinning
Weight : 215gr
Bearings: 7+1
Ability: 0.30 - 180m
brake power: 11kg

-Shimano Vanford Video:

Shimano Vanford, another level within SHIMANO spinning reels

The Shimano Vanford spinning reel with its forged aluminum spool is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater coastal environments.

The unique design of the MGL rotor greatly contributes to the reel's sensitivity, and lightness of rotation, making it ideal for techniques where meticulous control of the lure is needed.

- Features of the Shimano Vanford reel:

  • XShip : Increased efficiency and stability.
  • Hagane Gear – Provides smoothness, strength, and power to heavy loads.
  • Micromodule II: Improved gearing, makes recovery smoother.
  • Silent Drive : Quieter and with better recovery.
  • XProtect : Exceptional water resistance, to resist shock, splash and spray from waves.
  • G Free Body : The center of gravity is closer to the angler's hand, reducing fatigue and improving casting comfort.
  • ARC Spool : Line comes off the spool with less friction for longer, more accurate casts.
  • S ARB : Bearings with high resistance to corrosion, for better protection against sand, salt and dust.
  • MGL Rotor : New Magnumlite rotor design, which provides better balance, and greater sensitivity.
  • CI4 Plus : The use of this more rigid material improves the efficiency of the reel.
  • Long Stroke Spool : Its design results in a greater launch distance.

    Remember that you can order any model of the Shimano Vanford even if it is not currently listed at Will's

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