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Sculpo DR Rattlin MOLIX

Sculpo DR Rattlin MOLIX

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This is a high technical profile crankbait that possesses each and every one of the important characteristics that the angler looks for in an artificial of this category.

Sculpo Molix

Unique action that hits each obstacle hard to attract the attention of the most ferocious predators, so it has a fairly wide range of action.

Functionality and innovation in its entirety making the Molix Sculpo one of the most effective lures in its category.

A crankbait with maximum care in finishes and details. The SCULPO DR RATTLIN' USA SPECIAL EDITION has a low profile, among whose characteristics stands out the highly studied and tested distribution of internal weights, we speak of BES (BALANCED EMERSION SYSTEM) that achieves a unique and very marked wobbling.

sculpo molix water

Thanks to the BES and the other characteristics that we have mentioned, they give this brutal crankbait an exclusive, unique and inimitable swimming movement and an exceptional anti- snag performance between submerged obstacles.

Review Sculpo Molix:

When it comes to the crankbait era, I don't doubt it. This is the number 1 headline in my backpack. When I want to hit everything on the floor of the reservoir, make noise and all predators are attracted to a movement and trail of destruction in its path. I pull this monster out of the depths and start making noise in the background. Sculpo known and famous for its own merit.

Weight: 14gr

Size/ length:

55mm _
Depth: 2.5m


You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Sculpo de Molix For any questions or details you need when buying The Sculpo DR Rattlin USA Special Edition , tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the way that is most convenient for you Easy, we're looking forward to talking to you. We have the best deals on lures
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