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Salty Super Fluke ZOOM

Salty Super Fluke ZOOM

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If you want a natural imitation the "Salty Super Fluke" is your lure. It is the quintessential vinyl jerkbait, number 1 in sales worldwide.

It is one of the most famous vinyl jerkbaits and the one that has been able to give fishermen around the world the most catches. A fine-tailed vinyl fish that moves a lot almost effortlessly and that draws the attention of predators whatever the rig we use.

super fluke background water

the perfect hoax

It has a small slit in the lower part of its body that will help us to hide the hook quite effectively, leaving it inside the vinyl and thus going unnoticed in the eyes of the fish. What brings even more naturalness to the presentation making this vinyl a perfect deception for predators so desired.

Its universal size (13cm) allows it to tempt both the limited size fish and the biggest fish in your swamp. Unweighted bound, it glides across the surface like a damaged shad, but can be used with weight to go as deep as needed.

In difficult times

This lure works really well with difficult fish, a quick flick followed by a long pause drives green imps crazy. Fished with the split shot technique , it also gives very good results. The subtle and natural fall that it makes with this setup makes it another very good option.

Three seconds...1...2...3 a little wrist "chas" and magic arises underwater ...✨....the deep belly of the Super Fluke makes it rock, slide and stir through the water like the most beautiful of dances....there are times when tears come to my eyes when I see so much beauty together.... I love your sexy dance Fluke!!!

I would like "Shakira" to move like ZOOM's Salty Super Fluke!!

salty super fluke from zoom out of the bag

  • Weight: 7.95g.
  • Blister: 10 units per package
  • Recommended rigs: Texas, unweighted with curved hook, Split Shot...
  • Recommended hook: Texas type from #1/0 to #5/0
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