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Salty Core Stick 5.5" KEITECH

Salty Core Stick 5.5" KEITECH

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Salty Core Stick Keitech Buy Salty Core Stick, the new stickbait from KEITECH

The Salty Core Stick 5'5" is a stickbait of high relative density, with more salt, with more precision, with a better fall, in short , a stickbait with more effectiveness and at Will's we have the colors that work best.

A new technology that completely changes the world of high relative density vinyl

The " Salty Core Stick 5.5 " is a new stickbait with a high relative density that remains horizontal in the water during its fall. If you like senkos, worms, you cannot stop trying the KEITECH Salty Core Stick.

- A material of very high relative density and with a lot of salt, which allows avoiding the displacement of the hooks and improving the density for better sets.
- Sufficiently dense and soft, which makes it optimal to allow convulsive movements during its fall into the water.

This fishing vinyl has almost impossible properties

we have developed a new technique: “a very high precision method for modeling the Core Shot”. The “Salty Core Stick” adapts perfectly to the No-SikerRig (Weightless Rig) with Offset Worm hook and its curvilinear movement when falling into the water, in a horizontal position, shows a potential that is very worth considering. Now we have got a new proposal: the “Salty Core Stick 5.5” has been developed from this new technique, which changes the world of high relative density vinyl.

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