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Sakamata Shad 5" DEPS

Sakamata Shad 5" DEPS

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This is another success of the DEPS brand, if not, its greatest success . A vinyl known throughout the world famous for its effectiveness in water. sakamata shad deps

Its high salt content, in the 6" 10%, in the 7 and 8 5% allows the hook to be held perfectly, making this lure a very resistant bait against the attacks of our favorite predators.

A well-studied technology

This lure is made and designed after long years of study, to achieve a unique swimming with a very particular movement.

sakamata movement

sakamata movement

sakamata shadow

All its salt content is in the lower part, leaving the upper part with 0% of it, so we will have a low center of gravity that prevents the shuttlecock from collapsing and allows a stable bite both in motion and static. This added to the side fins make this vinyl jerkbait an essential lure in any box.

If you need to buy a soft jerk bait with a guarantee of success, this is your lure

You can use it with different setups but it works really well without plumbing just let it do its job and enjoy.

These are the most used techniques

-Sakamata Shad 6":

Weight: 16 grams

Size/ length:

152.4mm _
Units per blister:
6 units

-Sakamata Shad 7":

Weight: 24.8g

Size/ length:

177.8mm _
Units per blister:
5 units

-Sakamata Shad 8":

Weight: 36.5g

Size/ length:

203.2mm _
Units per blister:
4 units

Will has it very clear

With a high percentage of salt and a weight of up to 36.5 grams ... in the left corner... Sakamata Shad from DEPS!!! quite a beast in the water. And in the right corner with 50% bad blood and 2 kilos 800 grams...Mr.Basaco. Who will win the battle?

It is clear to me that if there is a lure that wins battles in almost all the bodies of water on the planet, this is the SAKAMATA. universally effective. Wherever you fish it will work.

You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Sakamata Shad from Deps. For any questions or details you need when buying Sakamata Shad DEPS , tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures

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