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One Up Shad 6" SAWAMURA

One Up Shad 6" SAWAMURA

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SAWAMURA one up shade
When we talk about the Sawamura we are talking about the king of soft swimbaits.

A lure that today does not find a competitor in its category.
Soft, with great movement in the water and with vibrations that make it irresistible to large predators, this vinyl lure is brutal and unmatched.

Why buy the SAWAMURA One Up Shad?

Buying the One Up Shad is the best investment you can make if you want a high quality soft swimbait that is really effective for your fishing days. It is true that we can find some cheaper ones on the market, but whoever has tried this marvel does not change it, when we talk about fishing with soft swimbaits without sinking, who rules is Sawamura.

During stops it has a very attractive drop towards the bottom, but what really stands out is without plumbing in very slow linear pickups. This large swimbait will go as deep as 2 meters or 2.5 meters but will draw predators up from much greater depths.
Sawamura's One Up Shad Lure is considered a TOP in the Japanese market, and no wonder, since its reputation practically precedes it worldwide. Since its launch, it has become one of the leading models in the soft bait market and has maintained this leadership ever since.
The raw materials with which the Sawamura One Up vinyl is manufactured are calculated in a balance that borders on perfection, achieving mobility and naturalness in the swimming of this lure that no other brand has achieved so far in a soft swimbait.
The design of Sawamura's One Up Shad allows us to pick up very slowly and even so its tail maintains all its action without the need for any lead or weight.

To use this lure in a very effective way, it is advisable to mount it on a hook with a spring according to its size. Even before finishing adjusting the thread of the spring, use a drop of glue to improve the fixation and therefore the durability of the vinyl. .
At Will's we have available the best colors of the Sawamura in its 3 best sizes: 5, 6 and 7 inches.

-SAWAMURA One up Shad 5":

Weight: 13 grams
Size: 106mm
Units per blister:
5 units

-SAWAMURA One up Shad 6":

Weight: 18 grams
Size: 124mm
Units per blister:
4 units

-SAWAMURA One up Shad 7":

Weight: 32 grams
Size: 148mm
Units per blister:
3 units

You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of One Up Shad SAWAMURA. For any questions or details you need when buying the Sawamura One Up Shad, tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures
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