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GOOGAN Mini Revolver

GOOGAN Mini Revolver

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GOOGAN Mini Revolver

When Googan's Revolver hits the water, the fish respond. This brutal surface lure attracts them with an explosion of vibration, movement and turbulence that does not leave anyone or anything unnoticed, leaving fish and anglers crazy every time it acts.

Do you want to be a cowboy? Grab your Revolver and armed to the teeth make more noise than the neighbor next door when he does renovations. The rotating fin in its center, apart from creating vibration and turbulence, works as a target for our predators, a clear objective equals more catches . In addition, the body shakes when the fin rotates, which adds visual action to the chaos and more effectiveness to the set.

Topwater lures have always been an important sport fishing resource, that's why Googan decided to create a monster for when the fish are most active or eating above. With a flat tail to ensure its correct position in the water the GOOGAN SQUAD Revolver it is a hard lure for the highest layer of our body of water that will soon become indisputable for you.
You can work it in a continuous linear collection, or collection with stops, jerks or toe lashes. Work it as you wish or alternating and adapting it to what you need. Whatever the chosen form, it will work

The terror of the surface has a name, it's called Googan's Revolver

Weight: 1/2oz - 14.17 gr

Size/ length:

89mm _

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