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Rubber Jig Model I 1/2oz KEITECH

Rubber Jig Model I 1/2oz KEITECH

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Crazy Flapper KEITECH

Buy Crazy Flapper the crab from KEITECH

The 3'6" Crazy Flapper stands out among the many clawed crabs with its excellent characteristic movement!!
Transform all the water around you using that to create an agile and daring movement and capture prey simply by jumping in the water. This is what Keitech's Crazy Flapper stands for. Just that nothing more, but everything perfectly executed. The Crazy Flapper is the final result of a magnificent job, a Keitech crab that behaves with very real naturalness.

Details and features of the Crazy Flapper

Crazy Flapper Keitech

In the Japanese house they do not leave any detail to chance, so the clamps are welded from the factory to avoid deformation until the day of use.

The claws vibrate, move and flutter in the water. They catch water in an instant and use it to spring into action immediately. Its efficiency is maximum.
With a considerable density, this imitation crab quickly sinks to the bottom, highlighting its presence in the water without losing its naturalness.


Keitech Crazy Flapper Pliers

As for the material used for its manufacture, a hard plastic has been used, which seems disproportionate for its dimensions but really makes it a resistant lure . Although the attack is very impetuous, it does not deteriorate easily.

It contains a large amount of salt in the abdomen to favor its naturalness and position in the water.

When the Crazy Flapper is at the bottom of the water it always maintains a perfect position. The Side-Flap is a stabilizer to prevent you from falling to the side when you hit the bottom of the water.

It is a lure that avoids snags since the projection in the tail part has been designed so that it can easily cross the algae. It has been meticulously designed only focusing on its manageability and its efficiency in fishing.

The "Hook-Set" effectively protects the point of the hook.


From the factory to the end customer with the highest quality , without any unit being damaged. From the smallest detail in the movement of this crab to the blister that transports it, they are made with care and love. A blister that allows you to comfortably transport the product to your fishing spot, without deforming or deteriorating.

Crazy Flapper to Texas

-Video of Crazy Flapper in Action:

Weight: 6.6 gr

Size/ length:

90mm _
Units per blister:
7 units

You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Crazy Flapper KEITECH. For any questions or details you need when buying Crazy Flapper 3.6" from KEITECH, tell us and we will help you without any by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best offers on lures
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