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Ever Green

Jack Hammer 3/8 oz EVER GREEN

Jack Hammer 3/8 oz EVER GREEN

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jack hammer ever green
When something is done by prepared and professional people, it shows. Here we have one of the highest quality chatters on the market, the Ever Green Jack Hammer , a brand well known to all.
There are times when fishing fans are lucky enough to have lures that have really been designed by and for experts who use them in each competition who have no doubt about their effectiveness and results.
This particular Chatter is developed under the supervision of professional anglers Shiro Shimizu and Brett Hite, two greats of competition fishing.

- Features of the EVER GREEN Jack Hammer Chatterbait:

Features Jack Hammer of Ever Green
1- Flat head with very low center of gravity
jack hammer evergreen head
This provides the Jack Hammer with a very erratic and effective swimming , unlike other chatterbaits on the market.

2- Stainless steel sheet

Jack Hammer Ever Green Chatterbait Blade
This thin and resistant racket emits irresistible vibrations for the bases. In addition, thanks to the stainless steel of which it is composed, we will not have any rust or similar problems, nor deformations.

3- High quality Gamakatsu hook

GAMAKATSU hooks give us the guarantee and reliability to which this brand has accustomed us.

4- Double fastening of the trailer

Avoid movements and deformations that we do not want in our accompaniments .

5- Top quality silicone

jack hammer evergreen
Skirt made of resistant silicone and meticulously attached to the rest of the body to guarantee its durability over time.
6- Swivel Decoy
As we can see in each of the materials used in the Ever Green Chatterbait they are of the best quality and from the best houses.
Video of the Jack Hammer in the water:
You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Jack Hammer 1/2 oz Ever Green. For any questions or details you need when buying the EVER GREEN Jack Hammer chatterbait , tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures for you.
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