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Dolive Stick 6" OSP

Dolive Stick 6" OSP

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Dolive Craw OSP

Buy Dolive Craw from OSP on SALE!!!

A crab out of study, trial and error and years and years of research. For the creation of this vinyl crab, the behavior of the bass was studied when attacking the different crab deceptions that exist on the market. There are craws that are most commonly attacked when falling, others when recovering, others in the famous little jumps... The prestigious Japanese house noted down every detail and created a vinyl imitation crab lure that can be attacked in all its phases. 100% effective as if you put all the vinyl crabs in the shaker and keep the best of each one. Capable of causing the attacks of the bases at any time. More time in taunt mode equals more captures.

best tweezers

Dolive Craw OSP Forceps

The swinging claws take on water during the swim and fall, presenting a deadly rattling motion. Beating a large amount of water but without losing an iota of naturalness.

The best antennas

Dolive Craw OSP Antennas

Drop, Pause, Shake... any mode of action makes it respond sensitively and attracts bass.

With small movements of the rod tip, very subtle touches will make these antennas move in a very natural way , something deadly for apathetic basses.

the best paws

Dolive Craw OSP Legs

With these four subtle legs, the Dolive Craw creates an incredible sensation of life underwater.

During the fall or recovery they vibrate and shake causing the cunning Black Bass to bite in a very natural way.

the best body

Dolive Craw OSP Body

As far as the body is concerned, it was designed giving absolute priority to its functionality.

Avoiding hooks, missing nailed , or disproportions with respect to the rest of the body are some of the priorities that were worked on here.

With anti-algae benefits and nailing benefits superior to those of another Dolive CRAW OSP Body s crabs. And just the right depth and length, to make it easy to insert the offset hook point, were constants in the design of OSP's Dolive Craw. A reference crab in sport fishing.

In this video you can see the Dolive Craw in the Water:

Weight: 7.6 grams

Size/ length:

101mm _
Units per blister:
6 units
You can return your product if you are not satisfied with the purchase of Dolive Craw 4 OSP. For any questions or details you need when buying the OSP Dolive Craw, tell us and we will help you without any commitment... contact us by the easiest way for you, we are looking forward to talking with you. We have the best deals on lures
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