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Bellows Stick 5,8" GEECRACK

Bellows Stick 5,8" GEECRACK

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Bellows Stick GEECRACK

Bellows Stick GEECRACK

Offering a practically unique version of the classic worm or stick. The Geecrack Bellows Stick Worm features an innovative design that produces an action unlike any other stick lure on the market. 

Molded with a bulbous tail section and veining from top to bottom, the Geecrack Bellows Stick Worm generates an exaggerated swimming action that has great pulling power. It also displaces more water and creates a stronger vibration than any other worm on the market.

Bellows Sticks work extremely well unweighted , but also on Texas or Carolina. It will even produce an enticing swimming action when using a constant retrieve to mimic a fleeing baitfish. 

Of course made of Geecrack 's original SAF (Salt+Aminos+Flavor) material that makes the fish last longer once they bite

Bellows Stick GEECRACK to TEXAS

Weight: -

Size/ length:

147mm _
Units per blister:
6 units

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