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Bellows Craw GEECRACK

Bellows Craw GEECRACK

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Bellows Craw GEECRACK

Bellows Craw GEECRACK

He Geecrack Bellows Craw . A ribbed crab capable of tempting the most delicate predators. Like all Geecrack baits, this bait was meticulously tested to perfection at the world famous Lake Biwa in Japan.

Bellows Craw GEECRACK Features

 The ribbed body of the vinyl crab is designed to displace water and emit a series of air bubbles as it recovers to help largemouth bass decide to attack. T his soft lure can be trolled, swam or jumped making the GEECRACK Bellows Craw a truly versatile weapon.

It features Geecrack's signature SAF stuff: salt, amino acids, and flavor! This proprietary formula is perfected and applied to meet the unique needs of each lure designed by this Japanese house. The flavor of salt, amino acids and shrimp combine to create an essence and make the fish keep the deception for longer. 

Perfect presentation when mounted to a Texas, Carolina, Free Rig, Jika Rig or as a jig trailer, the Geecrack Bellows Craw offers highly versatile and incredibly effective performance against black bass and more predators.

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Size/ length:

89mm _
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6 units
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